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Online Reservations

Online Reservations

Welcome to Ramada

Located within the heart of Sulaymaniyah, close to major commercial areas and within close proximity of Sulaymaniyah International Airport, our hotel is the right choice for you. Whether you're staying in our gorgeous city for business or pleasure, our high standards and consistent service will ensure that you feel comfortable, at ease, and close to home. Through our staffs combined effort, we pride ourselves in knowing that we can make your stay an unforgettable one. From the moment you step foot onto our premise, your happiness, joy, relaxation, and satisfaction become our top priority.

Our Rooms

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  • Standard Twin Room

    Our standard twin rooms are by design created to bring forth a sense of unity, fun, activity and friendship as you share the room among a person whom you hold close and dear.

  • Junior Suite

    Designed with a touch of luxury and elegance, our Junior Suite brings to life the desire to bring forth a combination of business and comfort.

  • Standard Single Room

    Touched by the beauty of simplicity, our standard rooms are by design, created to engulf you in relaxation and comfort, to bring you a sense of home, and to ensure you spend your night in the deep wonders of sleep.

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